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I'm Luckisha Townsend,
Certified Financial Coach

I have been a financial consultant for 5 years. I got my certificate in financial coaching this year.
I specialize in helping you set up a budget, pay off your debt, create an emergency fund, and you are financially ready to start investing and planning for your retirement years.
I will set time with you to find out what you are already doing right and help you do it better.  I am here to help you will. This is no guilt coaching, we have all been there.
This isn’t to tell you what you have done wrong.  I am here to help you find the hope that lies within you that will put you on the right track to take back control of your money.

Let Me Ask You

Would you like to be able to walk on a car lot and tell them what you are going to pay because you have the cash to do it?
Wouldn’t you like to not rely on credit card get the things you want and take years to and interest to pay it off?
Wouldn’t you like to be able to pay off car, credit card debt, and student loans with a strategic plan of action?
You have the ability to do all of this, You just need a little help.
Your income is your most powerful wealth-building tool, let me show you how to stop working for a paycheck but make your paycheck work for you!
My goal back in 2009 was to pay off my car in 3 yrs. and pay off my house before I retired.
My boys were young then and I wanted to be able to help them go to college. I had a 504 plan for each of them.
But it wasn’t much, but it helped with each of their situations. Did I do it? Yes, I did, but if I knew then what I know now. I would have not had the added stress I put on myself. I am always guiding people to make their money work for them.
I know that social security and even retirement funds and not reliable. Now I need to let others know what they can do to have a budgeted lifestyle and be debt free to gain financial freedom.
I hope that you will believe in yourself enough to partner up with me how I can show you that you have what it takes to get back control of your finances

Here are the actions I will take

Help You with your budget set up
Help you start your first $1000 emergency fund
Help start paying off your debt using the snowball method
Help you then fully fund your emergency fund
Start investing or increasing what you are investing
Build wealth
Please Note:
I am your coach who will help you set up the blueprint for you to follow. You have the ability within to accomplish it.

You have to be ready to be F.A.C.T.

Faithful to show up for yourself and the process
Accountable to work on the things you need to get done
Compatible with each other. Will to work with each other.
Teachable, you must be well to be taught.
Do you want to know how your wealth lives with in? Look no further.

Most people think that wealth is out of reach. I am going to show you how looking at your behavior and mindset is the key to unlock the wealth within.

What we will be discussing:
  • How the way you do one thing is the way you do everything
  • Parental mindset
  • Your fear of wealth
  • Facing you money fears
  • How you mindset can set you free
  • Building wealth
This book is designed to get you to look deep inside yourself and make the changes so you can be successful If you are wanting to know how your current mindset could be preventing you from unlocking the keys to obtaining wealth.
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